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      5 Common Sense of Excavator Changing Oil

      Everyone knows that the oil can be used for lubrication, cooling, cleaning, rust prevention, etc. The correct use of the oil is a necessary part of the maintenance of the excavator. Whether it is the choice of oil, there are many needs in the process of filling the oil. Points to note. What should you pay attention to when changing the oil for the excavator?

      1. Remember to replace the oil regularly

      The oil is equivalent to the blood of the construction machinery. Every oil needs regular replacement and maintenance. The oil as the lubricant for the normal operation of the engine is no exception. The oil is used for a long time, the viscosity of the oil is reduced, and the lubrication is poor. High, cylinder piston high temperature deformation. There is also to filter the impurities in the engine oil, the oil filter should also be replaced regularly.

      2. Do not use inferior oil

      When purchasing the choice of engine oil, don't buy inferior oil because of the cheap and cheap, because the quality of the oil directly affects the service life of the construction machinery and equipment. The poor quality oil makes the turbocharger poorly lubricated and worn. Large, the air intake effect is not good. It is recommended that you choose the original factory or replace the original original factory accessories. Want to know more oil identification methods can read "buy fake oil is very hurt the digging machine, then how to identify various projects What about mechanical oil?"


      3. Different levels of engine oil can not be mixed

      Different types of engine oils have different chemical or physical additives added during the production process. Different additives may cause chemical reactions when mixed together. In addition, the same level of engine oil of the same manufacturer cannot be mixed, and it is impossible to cope with this small cheap.

      4. Do not add as much oil as possible.

      There are a lot of misunderstandings when changing the oil. The more oil is not added, the better. Adding more oil will cause a lot of damage. First, too much oil will reduce the engine output and increase the fuel consumption. Secondly, it will increase the fuel consumption. Excessive oil may damage the oil seal and cause the engine to leak oil.

      5. It is best to add oil several times.

      How much oil is added? How to add oil? Generally, there are organic dipsticks on the engine of the excavator. When filling the oil, try to add a small amount of time. After about one minute, observe the dipstick and add it several times. The purpose of the note is to prevent too much oil from being filled.

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