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      Home > Excavator> SANY 13.5ton Excavator SY135C-9

      SANY 13.5ton Excavator SY135C-9

      • Brand Name: SANY
      • Model Number: SY135C-9
      • Dimension: 7700*2550*2815mm
      • Place of Origin:

      Shanghai Metal Corporation is a professional supplier of SY135C small excavator with high quality and reasonable price. SY135C small excavator adopts optimized engine output power, variable working modes, large-capacity fuel tank and reinforced structure, ensuring its top performance, high productivity and reliability.

      The engine output power of SY135C 13.5 ton excavator is 73kW with increased hydraulic power and improved fuel efficiency. The 13.5 ton excavator adopts the customized engine with four cylinder, four-stroke direct-injection turbocharger, and providing strong operating power for the machine. The engine is designed with four working modes. The working mode can be changed on the monitor, which can maximize the operating efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption. With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine can provide a strong operating force. Optimized operation performance of the engine reduces power loss. The large capacity of fuel tank reduces the frequency of refueling. The interior of the fuel tank has been well treated against rusting. No rusting will occur even if the tank is soaked in oil containing water and phosphoric acid and other chemicals for a long period of time.

      The boom and arm use large-box structure, in which welded plates against torsion form a compact, strong and durable integrity that prevents deformation under larger digging force. With optimized design, the boom and the arm can provide considerable working range and depth on ditching, excavating and other common construction situations. Standard reinforced bucket with highly rigid steel sheet, tips and side cutters can serve a long period. Reinforced plates, welded on the two main beam of swing platform, considerably improve the bending resistance performance. If you want to know more about excavator or SY135C small excavator price please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours

      Packaging & Delivery of 5.78ton Excavator SY55C-9:


      Packaging Details:Nude package Shipped by Ro-Ro or Bulk shipment


      Delivery Detail:7~15 days

      Main Features of 5.78ton Excavator SY55C-9:

      1. More excellent performance

      2. More reliable quality

      3. Easier to operate

      4. Easier to maintain 

      5. More energy-efficient and environmental friendly

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      • Rolled Cople for pipe

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