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      Home > Excavator> SANY 20.9ton Excavator SY205C-9

      SANY 20.9ton Excavator SY205C-9

      • Brand Name: SANY
      • Model Number: SY205C-9
      • Dimension: 9880*2800*3440mm
      • Place of Origin:

      SY205C 20.5 ton excavator features customized engine, strengthened components, high operating efficiency, low fuel consumption, easy maintenance and comfort cabin.

      Innovative controller with faster consumption and more accuracy reduces the response time of hydraulic elements, lowers the internal power loss of the system and increases the operating output power. The positive flow controlled by hydraulic system considerably reduces fuel consumption. Advanced computer dynamic control technology provides a real-time match between engine power and main pump power. Four power modes maximize fuel economy. Enhanced work equipment can bear high pressure of quality hydraulic elements and circuits, and strengthen the digging force.

      The Mitsubishi engine with rate power of 114kW@2,050rpm, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke direct-injection turbocharger, and 5.86L displacement is customized for SANY excavators, meeting your expectation on engine stability. If you want to know more about Excavator or SANY 20.9ton Excavator SY205C-9 price please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours

      Technical Information of 20.9ton Excavator SY205C-9:


      Engine Model

      SANY D0652

      Rated power

      114/2050 kW/rpm

      Emission standard

      Tier 2

      Operation Range

      Operating weight

      20900 kg



      Undercarriage/Working Device

      Std. track shoe width

      600 mm

      Bucket capacity

      0.83 m&sup3;

      Boom length

      5700 mm

      Arm length

      2900 mm



      Service Refill Capacities


      Hydraulic System


      The parameters are for reference only, please contact our sales representative for details.

      Packaging & Delivery of 20.9ton Excavator SY205C-9:


      Packaging Details:Nude package Shipped by Ro-Ro or Bulk shipment


      Delivery Detail:7~15 days

      Main Features of 20.9ton Excavator SY205C-9:

      1. More excellent performance

      2. More reliable quality

      3. Easier to operate

      4. Easier to maintain 

      5. More energy-efficient and environmental friendly

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      • Rolled Cople for pipe

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