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      • Machinery|Metal|Construction
        The machinery and equipment including: Pipe making and forming machine, Plate bending machine, Roof Panel Form...
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        Hot dip galvanized steel coil, strip, sheet, carbon steel, copper strip, sheet, foil, Aluminium strip, tape, s...
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        All kinds of light and heavy Steel structural, steel bridge, also we make make the construction of the hotel, ...
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      • EPC|Manufacturer|Trading
        We try to make choosing Shanghai Metal an obvious decision. Steel buildings from SMC Steel Structures are a fl...
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        Our technical team combines advanced technology with cutting-edge thinking to bring our customers’ ideas to life. After consultation, our experts will provide efficient project solutions and draft designs.
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        The greatest success of a container lies in the standardization of its products and the whole set of transport...
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      • Track Your Order
        You can check your order status here If you have any problem,please contact us.
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      • Product Category
        Shanghai Metal Corporation (SMC) is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of metal products, building materials, shipping containers, and machinery.
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      • Our Superiority
        Shanghai Metal Corporation is aimed to deliver quality service and represents itself...
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      • Recruitment
        Shanghai Metal has been employing people from all over the world in order to provide our clients with the best customer service and experience...
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